We are humbled, honored, and SIKED to share it with you! God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and placed us in positions to pass those blessings on - and we love it!
Robert Fason is an ex-broke dairy farmer from Arkansas. He was working from can to can't and still broke until he was introduced to Team National where he flourished and helped many others as well. Through helping others is exactly where Fason met Keith Smith in 2007. Keith hails from the very small town of Waterproof, LA and was fortunate enough to be involved in the same company as Robert. Keith is just an old farm boy that, at the time, was managing 3 bulk fuel facilities, working very long hours, never seeing his family, making someone else rich while he was sucking wind! But it didn't take Keith long to figure out that Team National was an answered prayer. Starting very part time retired him from all other things, so he just strictly focused on HELPING PEOPLE. Keith and Robert became instant best friends through simply being just a pair of ole country boys with strong morals, values, and a passion for helping others! The fact that both are avid hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen drew them even closer as they travel the world together enjoying ALL that this planet has to offer.
Now at this point you may be asking yourself... What can this possibly have to do with grills? Well allow me to explain: of course the hunting, fishing and outdoor skills of this pair yields lots of fresh game! You couple that with the lack of interest to cook indoors, what you end up with is a pair of fellers searching for the perfect outdoor cooking equipment. Well after several thousands of dollars purchasing stuff that either wouldn't cook evenly, fast enough, was hard to clean up, or even last past a couple of seasons, Robert stumbled upon the Sikes Grill. It didn't take Robert long at all to get Keith on the phone sharing his excitement of, what he believed was: The Perfect Grill that they had been searching for!!! Robert went on and on about how it would sear, roast, smoke, steam, fry, boil, and bake. I mean to listen to Robert... This thing would do EVERYTHING except mow the yard for him. Well Keith's reply was equaled with excitement but also stating... "Well Robert, we have bought nice grills before but they never last long." Robert's reply: "You're right, time will tell!
Well that brings us up to 2016, when their Sikes Grills were going on 10 years old! The grills are still going strong and even look NEW!! This, after sitting completely outdoors, uncovered, exposed to ALL of the BRUTAL elements of Arkansas, year round with no cover... We're talking about extreme cold, snow, ice, and sleet all the way to summer temps being so hot that birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground! They were so tickled over the ease of this grill making them look like chefs. No burning, plenty of moisture with the unique patented indirect water-based cooking process. Flare-ups are a thing of the past, and hey... There's a lot to be said for a Sikes Grill being: THE LAST GRILL YOU WILL EVER BUY.
When I say tickled, I mean so tickled that they didn't buy more grills, they bought the whole company! They're sum kinda excited to share with the world: the most versatile, long lasting, simple to use, and beautiful - outdoor cooking equipment you will ever run across.

We look forward to serving our Team National family as well as the rest of the world! Keep it between the ditches and the greasy side down!! Thank you and God bless you!! And GET SIKED! (You'll be glad you did.)