The burner and the indirect (primary) grilling area are separated by a marinade vat. The revolutionary patented design circulates the heat, vapor, and smoke* around the food on the cooking area eliminating a need for a rotisserie or having to turn your food repeatedly for even cooking. With flare ups an impossibility and sticking next-to-never, all you have to watch is the temperature gauge. If you're looking, you ain't cooking! Drippings fall to the layer of water in the drip pan making for a fast and easy cleanup so you can enjoy the party instead of tending the grill. Indirect cooking greatly reduces the carcinogens in your food versus cooking over the heat source. The 5052 aircraft grade aluminum, 316 stainless construction, and no moving parts ensure that this is ‚ÄčTHE LAST GRILL YOU WILL EVER BUY.
*when cooking with the optional wood chip box in place on the direct heat side.